13 Eating Places In Vadodara We Can’t Live Without


People of Vadodara are food lovers and you always find people hanging out at some or the other food outlet or a cafe and chill with friends. You will find lot of food places here which are very old and is becoming more popular amongs the next generation of kids and adults.

Today we have list of 10 Eating Places In Vadodara We Can’t Live Without

1) Raju Omlet

Raju Omlet vadodara

2) Tasty Vadapav

Tasty Vadapav vadodara

3) Jagdish Farshan

jagdish farshan vadodara lilo chevdo

4) Sangam Hotel Vadodara

Sangam Hotel Vadodara

5) Lalaji Na Bhajiya

Lalaji Na Bhajiya VADODARA

6) Alla Rakha Sev Mamra

Alla Rakha Sev Mamra vadodara

7) Manmohan Samosa

Manmohan Samosa vadodara

8) Rajasthani Kulfi House

Rajasthani Kulfi House

9) Vishnu Chai

Vishnu Chai vadodara

10) Swad Pani Puri

Swad Pani Puri vadodara

11) Canara Coffee House

Canara Coffee House vadodara

12) Duliram na penda vadodara

Duliram na penda vadodara

The best place which Vadodara is crazy for! Mahakali Sev Usal!

mahakali sev usal

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