7 Haunted Places In Vadodara That Will Give You Goosebumps


Known as one of the safest cities for women, Vadodara has its own dark sides too. Every city in India is known for being special because of some unique stories, and today I am here to share some information about those locations because of which we can say that Vadodara can be sometimes dangerous.

7 Haunted Places in Vadodara:

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1) Halol Highway:

There is a village near Vadodara whose name is “Halol” and ahead of it is Pavagadh which is a quite famous place and needs no introduction. If you want to go to Halol from Vadodara then you have to drive through the highway and that highway is considered as haunted. Locals believe that they have experienced various paranormal activities their but till now no evidence has been found.

2) Sindhrot:

Sindhrot is a very beautiful place where you can hang out with your buddies and chill at the side of the river. People says that they have seen a girl who always wears a kurta pyjama with a red colour chuniri and whenever she sees people coming, she warns them to go back.

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We have also heard a lot about paranormal activities in Sindhrot area and many people have been talking about this on QUORA.

3) An unidentified building:

According to Shreyas (A Quora user) There is a building in manjalpur area, if you will visit there at night you will be able to see lights turning off and turning on automatically. No one knowns the name of the building till now.

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4) Akota Bridge

Akota bridge is one of the largest bridges located in city and it’s a place where friends hangout in evening. They have seen someone walking on the bridge at the night time, but the truth is not revealed till now and everything is smooth.

Note : Their was a viral video released on youtube by a prankster who edited photos of him and ghosts standing behind him, Now the video has been removed by Youtube.

5) Rasalpur:

It is a place where people usually visit for picnics and spend time on the river bank at the day time. Many deaths have been occurred there because of carelessness and now people in very less amount visit there.


We have never experienced any Paranormal activity in Vadodara and this is my favourite and the most amazing place to live in and once you will live here you will not think about any other place.

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