7 Reasons Why Living In Bali is Awesome


“BALI”, a beautiful island in Indonesia and favourite honeymoon destination for newly wedded couples. Bali has always been known for being one of the most beautiful islands in the entire place that not only have beaches but many more other things to offer.

Today we are going to see the 7 reasons behind why living in Bali is awesome:

live in bali

1) Nature:

7 reasons why living in bali is awesome

It is obvious that if Bali is an island, you are going to find trees everywhere, and a place having lots of trees is almost equals to heaven. The smell of soil, the sound of birds, the fresh air, anyone can fall in love with Bali within a fraction of seconds.

2) Internet access:

bali digital nomad life

If you are thinking that living in Bali will move internet away from you, then you are completely wrong because with the advancement in technology, you can easily get internet access everywhere and Bali is one of those places where you will be able to connect yourself with internet.

3) Beautiful Churches:

If you deeply believe in spirituality, then you must stay in Bali for long time and explore each and every church located there. You will feel relaxed and full of freshness once you will stay in Bali for few days.

4) Private space:

ubud bali

Every body needs privacy, right? Even you will take a 1 BHK house on rent, you will find enough space for yourself where you can easily enjoy some “me” time whenever you want to.

5) Cuisines:

bali food

Visiting Bali and not exploring Indonesian food? Then you are missing a very golden thing. Whenever you travel to a new city, you must explore the local food, you might love it or not but you must try it at least once.

6) Culture:

bali culture

If you belong to those categories of people whose dream is to know the history, culture and religion of each and every place then visiting Bali is surely the best decision you will take because the island can offer you many stories that can give you goose bumps.

7) Adventure:

adventure sports in bali

You can do various adventurous activities like scuba diving, river rafting, surfing, yoga and more by settling down in Bali.


If you don’t want to settle down in Bali it’s completely fine but if you love to do adventures then you must visit Bali once in your lifetime because life is very short and full of surprises so explore as much as you can.

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