7 Reasons Why Living In Bangkok is Awesome


Enjoying the life is an imperative job everyone must do it, take time from work life or give time to yourself from the busy schedule because just living is not enough one must have liberty and enjoyment in life. The world is full of new experiences and uncertain places yet to discover, to travel or to stay in an unknown city. Make the life, creative and just apply break on a monotonous routine and ascertain the beauty, hiding in the corner of the world.

If one thinks to travel abroad to ascertain a city then the place which will give the immense pleasure of life is the Bangkok city, the capital and the most populous city of Thailand in South-East Asia. Bangkok is one of the most thrilling cities in the world to visit. It attracts thousands of tourist from all over the globe.

Being known for the diverse culture and awesome hospitality, Bangkok is also for staying and leading a beautiful life. Often tourist finds very cultured environment and bonhomie Thai people living there.

Below are the 7 reasons behind why living in Bangkok is Awesome

living in bangkok

The only thought that comes to mind is the flinch of money to be spent in holidays the fear is correct that is the reason Bangkok is preferred by most of the people as the city is not so expensive.

1) Happening Night Life:

night life in bangkok

The best nightlife in the world, with late night parties covering the full spectrum of music from house to rock-and-roll, jazz to hip-hop. So, if you love dancing and want to show your excellent moves to the world, then you can visit the top pubs or clubs in Bangkok with your buddies or any person close to you.

2) Best Spa Services:

massage and spa in bangkok

Abundance of massage parlors and bars, one can throw the stress of life and can enjoy the life at Bangkok. There are number of resorts established in Bangkok that can give you the best SPA at reasonable rates.

3) Market of Handicrafts:

It’s known for some of the best handicrafts markets in the world, the best place for a shopping lover would be Chatuchak weekend market and Amarin Plaza, a mall within a budget.

4) Attractive historical monuments:

historical monumnets in bangkok

Culture and history at its best: magnificent temples, museums, floating markets and beautiful gardens. For the culture and rituals, one can visit Wat Arun – The Temple of Dawn, was built in 17th century near Chao Phraya/ Wat Phra Kaew- The temple of Emerald Buddha, A strict dress code applies here no short pants and no sleeveless shirts / Wat Pho-The temple of Reclining Buddha and Loha Prasat, these were some temples for visiting.

5) Soi Cowboy Red Light Area:

bangkok red light area night life

Yes, it is a weird reason but yet amazing, because if you want to enjoy your s**ual life especially if you are single then you can live in Bangkok for this reason too. Soi cowboy,  it is a street which is a red light area, Bangkok is a s**-oriented city. The soi cowboy is the epicenter of the city which also have expensive bars and restaurants where Thai food is served. The nightlife of Bangkok city is incomparable from any other city.

6) Clean City:

bangkok city

Although, in Bangkok, people love the environment and are eco-friendly too. There are various cleaned gardens to visit, one is Bang karachao gardens covered with the natural beauty of Thai plants, The cycling in the garden in early mornings serve the best example to spend the vacation in the greenery.

7) Food:

food in bangkok

If you love Thai food, then you will definately enjoy living in Bangkok, not only Thai food, but you will find all type of food here, as it is a tourist place too and people from all over the world come here to discover the food.


So, what are you waiting for now? Book your tickets, pack your bags and visit Bangkok for a long vacation.

We love Bangkok as much as you do!

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