7 Reasons Why Living In New York is Awesome


New York is one of the most happening cities in the entire world and people are dying to visit there at least once in their life. If you are one of them and want to know that why living in New York is awesome, then join me in this journey because I am going to list down the 7 reasons why living in New York is awesome, and I am sure that once you will read these 7 points, you will start planning your trip to New York without giving yourself a second chance.

No matter how much busy you are, the environment of New York is so pure that one can enjoy their life and relax their whenever they want to. The places like Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx adds more beauty to the city because every single city has something unique to serve you.

7 Reasons Why Living in New York is Awesome:

1) Food:

new york food

Travel freaks love to explore and the major thing they die to explore is “food”, and when it comes to exploring New York’s food, nothing can be better than that. After enjoying a hectic day, all you can enjoy before going to bed is different type of cuisines.

2) City Itself:

live in new york

If you will live in New York for at least a month you will decide not to come back because of the amazing and refreshing environment of the city.

3) Live Music Concert:

new york live music concert

You never know in what ways life can surprise you, if you love watching live concerts, then one of the possibilities is you will get to see live music shows on streets at night time.

4) Shopping:

new york time square

How can a gang of girls come back to their city without doing enough amount of shopping? Living in New York city means buying a lot of stuff be it jewellery, clothes, make up, electronic gadgets or anything.

5) Career Scope:


New York is also known for being the best city for those who are searching for good career opportunities. Even if you are living in New York city since last few years, you can think about taking admission in any local college too.

6) Night life:

new york time square night life

Love to attend parties at club with your buddies? Then living in New York is the best option you can choose for yourself, the city is full of clubs so you can easily party hard without any stress.

7) Safety:

new york safe for women

Women’s safety or every individual’s safety is the responsibility of the government of New York and if you are living there, then it is assured that nobody can harm you.


After looking at these 7 reasons why living in New York is awesome, I am definitely going to visit the city whenever I will get a long vacation. We hope that you will also start packing your bags soon.

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