7 Reasons Why Living in Pattaya Is Awesome


Splurge money for the sake of future is what done by most of the people, earning money by continuous efforts, regular in the job and sacrificing pleasant time to make money is the trend followed from centuries. Entire life people give to the work even compromising the health and when they realize the gravity of the situation, it is too late.

All these sayings were about people who feel going abroad is a waste of money and time also the traveling is stressful and it is better to be in a place and work to make money. Alas! Making money for whom? for what?

Keep the work-life aside for some time and go for travel to magnificent places in the world unless it is too late. Make the life, creative and just apply break on a monotonous routine and ascertain the beauty of nature too.

7 Reasons Why Living in Pattaya is Awesome?

living in pattaya is awesome

If one think to travel to the best places for the vacation, one would be the PATTAYA city, in Thailand situated in south-east Asia. It is on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The city is well developed and offers various tourists spot, so, let us check out which are the reasons behind why people wish to settle down in Pattaya.

1) The beauty of Beaches:

pattaya beach

Pattaya’s beaches are constantly sparkling with life, as for water sports lovers it the supreme place also for sun-bathe lovers to lay in the sand and enjoy the sun-kissed view. The coral island is the most visited place.

2) Night Life For Party Lovers:

walking street pattaya

From sunrise to sunset the city is full of new experiences one would never feel to go back as the nightlife of the city gives immense pleasure to party people. After beaches and nightlife, PATTAYA city offers excellent accommodation and hospitality within a budget.

3) Religions Matters:

buddha temple pattaya

Pattaya city has something for everyone whether couples, seniors, family. For religious people, the SANCTUARY OF TRUTH is the optimum place which tells the importance of the religion, philosophy, and art. Additionally, ‘The Wat Phra Khao Yai’ a Buddhist temple is the place for worship here a big 18m height statue of Buddha is placed.

4) Pollution Free Environment:

beaches of pattaya

Further, the Thai people are eco-friendly too perhaps many well-maintained gardens is made, The NOONG NOOCH tropical garden has an eye-catching view of remarkable flowers and landscaped gardens. The garden is spread in a mammoth area with various plants, flowers hybrid species is present. Other activities like-boating/cycling is too done by tourists.

5) Royalty and History:

nong nooch tropical garden pattaya

Pattaya city also have Art gallery and Museums one is displayed as ‘RIPLEYS BELIEVE IT OR NOT’ there are themed galleries, wax figures, the 4D moving theatre, scary house. One can easily spend the entire day discovering all floors of the museum. Furthermore, the view of the largest Buddha engraved in the rock is divine, it is named as ‘Buddha mountain, Khao Chin Chan’. It is engraved in the limestone rock, the nearby places is also fascinating.

6) Food:

Exploring various kind of food is one of the best thing you can do if you have enough money and you dont care about running out of your budget. Living in Pattaya will provide you more golden opportunities to try out new food dishes at multiple cafes or restaurants.

7) Shopping:

Last but not the least is “shopping” which is the main reason for thousands of girls to visit Pattaya in vacations. You can do shopping all day and buy whatever you want to at very cheap rates.

Final words:

Don’t miss the chance of visiting Pattaya if you are getting one, you will not get this type of chance again and again. Explore the world and live your life to the fullest, and just don’t get serious!

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