7 Reasons Why Living In Vadodara Is Awesome


Vadodara sometimes called Baroda is the best city located in Gujarat State. Vadodara city is culture-oriented and all festivals are celebrated together with family and friends. The following are the 7 reasons why living in Vadodara is awesome. From children’s to aged persons all love to settle down in Vadodara city.

1) Navratri

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All festivals are celebrated very joyfully in Vadodara. Especially Navratri is well-known and most loving festival of people living in Baroda. Garba event is organized at many places in Vadodara such as Navlakhi, United Way. So, if you are planning to visit Vadodara during mid – year, don’t miss the opportunity to see the garba dhoom live.

2) Food


Food is one the most explored thing in Vadodara specially the laari food. People who love to explore different varieties of food must taste the street food of the city.

3) Shopping


For Shopping there are many malls located in some area as well for wholesale shopping there is MangalBazar, Mandavi, Raopura, Alkapuri and many more areas where you can buy what you are looking for at reasonable price.

4) Safety


In Vadodara everyone feels safe to live and all people are supporting each other. Girls and women also feels secure to stay out of home even at late night. Help line number is also available for safety. The best part is the Vadodara police always take the initiative whenever there is any problem whether it is about a man or a woman.

5) Career

Looking from the career’s perspective Vadodara is good place where anyone can easily get the best opportunities for their business and job. There are many MNC companies are available for your bright career. And if you think you are enough capable then you must apply in one of the companies without wasting anymore time.

6) Quality Education

There are many schools and colleges in Vadodara. If you are living in Vadodara there is no need to go in other cities for education. Maharaja Sayaji Rao University is very well-known in Vadodara that provides best education in all sectors.

7) Night Life

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In Vadodara no one can feel insecure at late night also and all the area are decorated with lightening and street lights are also available. In short, the night life at Vadodara is quite happening.

Now, come to Vadodara and explore the 7 reasons behind why living in Vadodara is awesome. Enjoy your life and don’t get serious!!

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