Achche Din! You’ll Soon Travel Mumbai-Pune In Just 13 Minutes!


Technology is improving with time and time is running faster, so it is important to not waste time and enjoy all the moment of life. Technology has helped humans connect with each other by just a single click. Internet and Mobile phones has changes the world. But we have one more good news for you.

ICYMI, the Maharashtra government has announced partnership with virgin Hyper loop where MoU with Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) has been signed for a possibility of connecting Mumbai-Pune via Hyper loop.

mumbai pune hyperloop

So, it is assumed that you will be able to travel from Mumbai to Pune in just 13 Minutes. Well, this is a dream for everyone who travels between the two city for daily job and business.

Mumbai Pune in Just 13 minutes

According to the reports of Deccan Chronicle, The possible path to connect hyper loop from one city to another will be from Pune’s new purandar Airport to city center or Navi Mumbai.

The chief minister also shared his views about Hyperlook and said this new technology will be a big boost to both the cities in terms of transportation.

Achche Din! You’ll Soon Travel Mumbai-Pune In Just 13 Minutes!

The visionary child of Hyperloop Elon Musk,, said that “it is poised for traveling in pods through a sealed pipe at speeds that could reach up to 1,200km/hr, which makes it faster than a jet aircraft because of a frictionless environment. Even the route has the probability of becoming the most viable option.”

mumbai pune hyperlook price

This is a game changing project for everyone as travelling distance will cut down and we will be able to move from one place to another in few minutes.

It is a preliminary study, but yes it is a game changing project.

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