After watching This Video You Will Fall In Love With Vadodara


Vadodara better known as the Cultural Capital of Gujarat is one of the best place to live in and people from different casts and states live and work in Vadodara peacefully. Everyone who has stayed in Vadodara for a long time has never gone back to their city as Vadodara is peaceful and also called Sanskari Nagri.

Vadodara has great educational institutes like the Maharaja Sayaji Rao University and you will find lot of students from different states of India coming here to pursue college degree. Not only people from different states, But you will find lot of students from foreign country studying in MSU.

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Basically Vadodara is the big city in a small package, Once you have lived in Vadodara, You will never find any other place good enough to live.

Below is a video about Vadodara city and People of the Sanskari Nagri Vadodara

Video Credits : Cognito India

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  1. Vadodara

    You are my city

    the cold shadow of old banyan tree!
    that dispels the scorching heat of summer!!!

    Enhailing this dust flying smells ands feels like home 
    the cloudy weather, the dim trees, the city looked like and open book. 
    with nature bringing a colourful beauty to ones heart ….the branches of the banyan tree in the middle of the city stirred and the leaves danced!!

    my heart is scribbled without rythm of Garva
    to the beautiful change made by ur smiling culture ……………

    The shimmers of the moon made the rest of the city glimmer 
    now its clear why ure a symbol of pride 

    The lullaby tunes of the mocking bird awakenes momments of passion 
    My head speaks and so does my heart 
    am lost in the beautiful city and for ever i want to be 
    Here, laughter is a pleasant sound 
    it spreads joy all around 
    flushing out every despairs of the heart 

    Just for this city 
    i will open my eyes and ask the creator for one more day 
    this are my praises for the city in u.

    Vadodara the banyan city

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