I Am Born & Brought Up In Vadodara : I Am Proud About It


I grew up in a small town, Vadodara in Gujarat, where I am living for 24 years of my age. And trust me I have never thought of leaving this city. An early incident that I recall was when I met a friend who has adopted a western culture now. He used to ask me, “Why are we in Baroda? Baroda is such a boring city. There is nothing to do after 9 at night and no meeting place.” I told him that is the reason we should stay here even more, so that we can concentrate on our work.

A city with a history of kings and palaces, named after the lush green banyans, Vadodara (Vad means Banyan tree in Gujarati) has always fascinated anyone who came here. From the famous eateries to Lush green gardens to Majestic Lukshmi Vilas Palace, the city has everything that is enough to win every citizen’s heart.

I Am Born & Brought Up In Vadodara – Yes I Am Proud About It

i love vadodara

So, what’s so great about this dream city? Well, Everything!

1) Culture

vadodara cultural capital of gujarat

Named as a cultural capital of Gujarat, Sanskari Nagri Vadodara tops the list when it comes to culture and festivities. Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Ganesh and more, we Vadodrians always celebrate the festivals with harmony, Traditions and Unity. My Muslim and Christian brothers always enjoy the Fafda-Jalebi at my place and I am always invited to enjoy delicious Sev Kheer and Cakes in Eid and Christmas.

2) Historic Connections

laxmi vilas palace vadodara photos

Gujarat’s best palace- Lukshmi Vilas Palace buitlt under the rule of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad is the main attraction and a pride of my Vadodara. Spread over an area of more than 700 acres, this huge palace is believed to be almost four times the size of Buckingham Palace of London.

The city is surrounded by World heritage sites like Champaner Fort and the Pavagadh mountain range. Vadodara attracts thousands of tourists every year from around the world.

3) Navratri

nirav patel photography vadodara

We are the proud hosts of world’s largest Navratri festival- United way of Baroda Garba Mohatsav which hosts more than 40,000 Navratri dancers. Totaling all the Garba Mohatsavs in the city, the number comes to more than 3 Lakh people. Places like Fine arts, Ma shakti and Vadodara Navratri Festival are famous all over the world.

4) Food Riots

mahakali sev usal

We Gujaratis are the biggest fans when it comes to food. And no city can beat Vadodara when it comes to the multi fusion of food items. We have everything in our plate to offer. Lilo Chevdo and Bhakarwadi are taken all the way to America and Canada to have the taste of Gujarat there. Raju Omlet’s egg delicacies are enjoyed even in the cities of USA. Mahakali Sev Usal is craved for by entire Vadodara city. I still remember I once asked my uncle in Singapore. “Shu Lai Avu India Thi tamara Mate (What whould I bring for you from India)? And he replied: “Please Get me a Box of Bhakharwadi from Jagdish and A Pack of Thepla!” It is now like a ritual in Vadodara that when a guest visits the city, we always gift them a box of Farshan or a pack of Duliram Penda first.

5) Safest, Cleanest and Smartest


A survey done by a research website has now endorsed that Vadodara is safest in Gujarat. The online survey done by youguv.com along with a portal has put Vadodara as the second safest city in the country. Also, when it comes to the cleanliness Vadodara stands amongst the top 10 cities in the country. Also, it stands 9th in the country when we talk about lowest level of pollutions.

There are many such other reasons for all the Vadodraians to brag about the city. A city does not just need cool beaches and the trippy pubs in order to be called happening. Local wonders are far more appealing when we live in a cultural country like India. So next time when someone says, “Baroda is a boring and non-happening city” forward them this link and show them what we have and that we are very proud of it.

I am Born in Vadodara, brought up here and I Bleed Vadodara.

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