7 Haunted Places In Mumbai That Will Give You Goosebumps


“Mumbai”, the city of dreams, the world of Bollywood, the hub of fashion freaks, the most happening city in India, and what not. Mumbai is known by many names, and many different things like food, culture, religion, people, shopping and more, but do you know it has its own darkest side too.

And in this tutorial, I am going to expose the 7 most haunted places in Mumbai, excited to know which are those places? Then fasten your seat belt and get ready to read about some of the scariest places in Mumbai.

If you are passionate enough, believe in the other world and want to do something really adventurous in your life, then you can go at these places but make sure you go at the day time, because you never know what can happen in night.

Getting goose bumps? Ending your excitement here, let us begin checking out the 7 most haunted places in Mumbai.

Top 7 Haunted Places in Mumbai:

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  1. Aarey Milk Colony:

Aarey milk colony is one of the very posh area in Mumbai, and there is quite a good amount of traffic at the day time, but according to the people passing through that area on regular basis says that a lady stands there with kids asking for lifts and then suddenly disappears leaving everyone scared.

  1. Marve and Madh Island Road:

At this place, it is said that a bride in full bridal dress walks on the road and asks for help. This strange and mysterious story is about a girl who was killed on her wedding night and since then people believe that her soul is roaming on that road.

  1. Nasserwanj Wadi:

Nasserwanj wadi is located near Mahim station, and it is basically an old building, whose owner was a man named “Nasser” who was murdered. Since then people say that they have seen his soul roaming in the building at the night time. People think twice before keeping their foot at the entrance of that building.

  1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park:

It is always shocking to hear that a garden or national park can be haunted because, gardens or national parks are considered as one of the most peaceful places where you can sit and re lax. But, Sanjay Gandhi National Park has its own rules because people have felt a shadow following them and then getting disappeared in the air.

  1. Tower of Silence:

Tower of Silence is located at Malabar hills and it is a place where people of Parsi religion leaves the dead body because they do not believe in burning the bodies. They believe that before their loved ones leave for the heaven, the vultures will eat their bodies. Therefore, it is considered as one of the scariest places in Mumbai and ranks in the list of top 7 haunted places in Mumbai.

  1. Mumbai High Court:

Every day thousands of decision is taken by the Mumbai government in the premises of Mumbai high court and it is one of the most crowded places in Mumbai, but the people who visits their on regular basis says that a ghost of lawyer roams their and scare the convicts in the trial room at a huge level that they accept their crime. It is not proven that something like this happens their but who knows what is the truth and no one either tries to solve this mysterious mystery.

  1. Poonam Chambers, Worli:

The bomb blast of 1993 and again the collapsing of B-wing in 1997, were the two accidents that affected the Poonam Chambers located in Worli. Many people left this beautiful world in both the accidents and now people who works there complains about sounds they hear and they feel like someone knocks the doors at the night time.


Mentioned above are the top 7 haunted places in Mumbai. Neglecting these places, Mumbai is really a beautiful place where you can visit during your vacation. Stay tuned if you want to read about more such interesting places. Don’t get serious and enjoy life.

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