7 Haunted Places In Thailand That Will Give You Goosebumps


There are thousands of haunted stories all across the world and this is never going to end. And when we open the list of haunted places on this planet, Thailand ranks on top. Without teasing you more and respecting your curiousness, let us directly jump in the well and see which are the haunted places in Thailand:

Top 7 Haunted Places in Thailand:

1) Suvarnabhumi Airport:

suvarnabhumi airport haunted

Can you ever think about an airport that is cursed? Yes, there is an airport in Thailand that is known for being haunted. According to the sources, a man whose name was Poo Ming, possessed a man who was just a baggage handler.

Note : We have been to Suvarnabhumi Airport many times and have never experienced any kind of paranormal activity at the airport

2) Koh Hingham:

Koh Hingham haunted

Koh Hingham is a very small island that is located near a place whose name is “Koh Lipe”. Millions of years ago, there was God of Tarutao who cursed Koh Hingham. Now the beach is completely covered by small and tiny pebbles and according to the locals, if anybody will remove even a single stone, then he or she will experience the worst nightmare of their life.

3) Baiyoke Sky Hotel:

It is weird that a hotel can be haunted, but yes, a hotel in Thailand named Baiyoke Sky Hotel is considered as one of the most haunted hotel in Thailand. The hotel is 88-storey tower and according to the locals during the construction of this hotel, 3 workers died and now their soul haunts the place.

Note : We have stayed at Baiyoke Sky hotel many times and have never experienced any kind of paranormal activity.

4) Ayutthaya Historical Park:

Ayutthaya Historical Park haunted

In Thailand, there are number of cities that are haunted, and one of them is Ayutthaya Historical Park. People say that whoever visit the place dies and no one can even find their bodies. Now, god knows whether this is true or not.

5) Bang Pu Shoe Factory:

Bang Pu Shoe Factory haunted in thailand

In an accident number of workers died in this factory and now no one even think about stepping inside the factory.

6) Khao Lak:

khao lake haunted

Once upon a time it was a very beautiful seaside where people used to spend time with their loved ones, but everything changed into a nightmare when Tsunami came and destroyed everything. Many people were killed in that incident and now no one dares to go there.

7) Kamchanod Forest:

Kamchanod Forest haunted

There are ghosts that haunts the forest and also it is said that there is a creature that sent flames in the sky through which Lord Buddha reaches the heaven. We do not know the actual truth so if you are planning to visit there then do take care.

We hope you will not visit these places to do any kind of adventure.

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