IndiGo Announces Bangkok Varanasi Direct Flights, Internet Calls It ‘Paap-Praschit Route’


Are you sick of your daily job schedule and work load? Don’t have any plans for Friday night and have to be in office during the long weekend? Well, we have some good news for you which will put that smile back to your beautiful face right now. The news is that IndiGo announced a direct flight from Bangkok to Varanasi, You will say it is pretty standard and normal, right? But here is the twist.


Bangkok Varanasi Direct FlightsYou must be aware that Varanasi is one of the oldest city in the world and considered as the most sacred pilgrimage spot in India. Thousands of people come here to visit the temple and take blessings & on the other hand we all know what Bangkok is famous for in th world. It has the most active red light districts and when Twitterites saw this two places get a direct flight, they completely lost it. Check out the hilarious comments made by people on Twitter about the Bangkok Varanasi Direct Flights.






This surely made my day and twitterites have never disappointed us when it comes to trolling someone.

According to reports, Aroudn 70 passangers arrived in Varanasi on the first day and 179 went to Bangkok. Their will be a daily flight between Bangkok and Varanasi.

So when are you flying to Bangkok? Share this superb news with your friends and tell them to make a plan for Bangkok trip Asap.

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