7 Reasons Why Ladakh Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination in India


We have always heard about Mesmerizing Valleys, Icy Mountains and Transparent blue water in the lakes. But many of us have never seen this beauty of nature in the real life. Do you know India has its own heaven- The Himalayas! And amidst the Great Himalayas is India’s Magical Destination- Ladakh!

Situated at 13000 Ft Above the Sea Level, Ladakh region has ample number of reasons to be visited once in your life time.

The Scenic Beauty that can cure your Sorrow

nubra valley leh ladakh

An unexpected snowfall at Changla Pass while on the way to Pangong Lake

Surrounded with the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, the Ladakh region is a land that is covered and painted in the shades of of red, orange, brown, and green with beautiful Clear blue water bodies. The region is aligned by snow clad peaks and some lush green patches of grass and plantations along the valleys formed by the river streams together make for an amazing scenic beauty.

Mouth Watering Traditional Local Delicacies

Being an Indian means, Being a Foodie. And when it comes to north Indian delicacies, the food freshly made on the valleys of Himalayas won’t disappoint you. Be it a Goat Milk Paneer or Mouthwatering Momos or Spicy Maggie Treat, Ladakh has everything to offer in its minus 10-degree climate.

Places To Visit in Ladakh

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Pangong Lake

pangong lake ladakh

The amazing natural scenic colours of Pangong lake acting as a background against the intense clear blue sky make it one of the most panoramic sites in Ladakh. Pangong Tso is a lake formed by the glaciers of Himalayas approximately 150 kilometres long, spreading out over India and China border. Only 5 hours of driving distance from Leh, this lake is a place that can’t be resisted when you are at Ladakh. Surrounded amidst the mountains at a height of 4350 metres, Pangong lake maintains a liquid state year-round owing to its saline content.

Magnetic Hill

magnetic hill leh ladakh

One of the most magical places of Ladakh id The Magnetic Hill also called as the “gravity hill’. The hill gives the illusion that an object which is going downhill is actually following an uphill track. The Illusion forces your eyes to observe the Cars that are traveling down the slope to be going uphill, thereby apparently defying gravity.

Khardung la Pass

khardungla pass ladakh

One of the most famous and amazing passes in India, Khardung La is a high-altitude motorable pass in Ladakh. This is the highest motorable road in the world. Passing through the chilling winds and ice capped roads are one of the most exotic experiences you can have in Ladakh.

The pass is situated at an altitude of nearly 18,380 feet and the views from here are worth looking at. It is said that the air is so thin that people are not advised to stay at the point for more than half an hour. An army canteen near the pass provides tourists with the chance to enjoy a nice hot cup of traditional tea and amazing hot Maggie while having a look at the breath-taking wonder of nature.

Hall of Fame and Gurudwara Pathar Sahib

Hall of Fame leh ladakh

Situated near to each other, These two places are a must visit if you have a patriotism in your blood. The Hall of fame is a museum that depicts a life of a soldier posted at such high altitude. The museum also showcases the fighter armors and ammunitions that were used in various wars with Pakistan and China.

Similarly, Gurudwara Pathar Sahib is a Sikh Gurudwara located 25 miles from Leh in Ladakh area in Jammu and Kashmir. Gurudwara Pathar Sahib remains at where Guru Nanak, the organizer of Sikh religion and the principal master, is accepted to have defeated an evil presence.

The Sangam Point

The Sangam Point leh ladakhThis is one of the most famous spots in Leh and also a favorite among the people. This is a point where two rivers- Indus and Zanskar meet. We can literally see a patch in between the two rivers. These two rivers then flow towards Pakistan. These rivers give a beautiful glimpse in winters when the water freezes to minus degree. Amazing Adventure of Chaddar trek also takes place on this route in the winters.

Nubra Valley

nubra leh ladakh

nubra valley 2 hump camel

monastery at nubra valley

The other scenic view awaits you at the Nubra Valley which is less cool and greener. The valley lies in the middle of the Himalayan mountains and is thus full of different colours. You can have your tent houses their and enjoy the amazing night sky too. With no disturbances above, you can have a star and planet watching experience in the cold night.

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More than these, there are beautiful roads for bike riding, Coffee bars for honeymoon dates and Local market for getting the souvenirs. Next time you plan for a relaxing trip, don’t think twice before booking the vacation straight to Ladakh. Relaxing in the laps of mighty Himalayas is altogether a different experience and no Bars or Pubs can match it’s natural beauty!

So when are you planning a trip to Ladakh with your friends?

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