7 Most Haunted Places In Goa That Will Give You Goosebumps


Goa is one of the most famous party place in India with amazing night life and beach parties happening almost everyday along with water activities and casinos. Goa is a place where you get it all, It is the most happening place and the favourite amongst youngsters. But do you know Goa also has a dark side which not many people know.

Most Haunted Places In Goa

haunted places in GOA

You will find famous churches all across Goa and ironically, People have heard too many stories about spirits and ghosts in Goa. All these are true or rumours only people who have felt or seen it can say, but the stories about paranormal activities have been in news multiple times. If you are planning a trip to Goa and want to have some fun and adventure at the same time, then you must visit these 10 most haunted places in Goa. We are sure you will have a great time.

1) Igorchem Bandh – The spirit who walks in broad daylight

Igorchem Bandh hauntedThis is one of the most popular haunted places in Goa, The Igorchem Bandh is a stretch of a road in Raia. This place is located exactly behind the Church of Our Lady of Snows. lot of people have had spooky experience in the broad daylight. It is rumoured that you can be possessed by an evil spirit even if you are walking on the road at 2PM. Isn’t this weird. We have never heard a story like this before.

2) Three Kings’ Church – A tale of how unhappiness consumed the power greedy king

Three Kings Church

The Three Kings’ Church in Casualim village is considered to be one of the most haunted places in GOA. Their is a famous story which says that three Portuguese kings once ruled the land, Greedy of power one king killed the other two. After hearing this news his subjects turned against him and thus he committed suicide by consuming poison as he felt really very unhappy.

Many people say that the bodies of all the three kings is buried under the church and all the three kings haunt the village and church.

3) Jakni Bandh – Cries of little children killed in accident

Jakni Bandh – Cries of little children killed in accident

Jakni Bandh which is a temporary bridge between Drampur and Navelim is a haunted place in Goa according to locals who stay around the place. Once an accident happened because of a driver’s mistake, a school bus toppled and everyone in the bus was killed and most of them were kids. Is is said that at night people have heard children’s crying.

4) Ghost Hotel – The revenge of the Russian owners of the incomplete hotel

Ghost Hotel Goa – The revenge of the Russian owners of the incomplete hotel

This place is popularly known as the Ghost Hotel. It is said that the abandoned hotel complex was built by Russians but due to some legal issues it never got completed, Plus the hotel is surrounded by jungle area and a big empty space thus it add some more spooky touch to the hotel. Not many but few people have reported about some paranormal activities in the hotel complex while visiting the Agonda beach in Goa.

5) Baytakhol – The ghost of a woman who caused numerous road accidents

Baytakhol – The ghost of a woman who caused numerous road accidents

Baytakhol is one more haunted places in Goa which is in our list. This place is located between Bori and Dhavali. Rumors, although hackneyed, it is said that a women is seen crying out for help on the road site and when someone crosses her and if you look back then you will find an empty road only. A lot of accidents have happened on this road thus making this story and road very popular.

6) Saligao Village – Watch out for the spirit of Lady Christalina

Saligao Village – Watch out for the spirit of Lady Christalina

This is a very small village called Saligao in Goa. This village is most popular for churches but ironically this village is said to be haunted by angry spirit of a women called Christalina. This story is over 6 decades old about a Portuguese man who went missing and when he was found, bad wounds were seen on him along with bad scratches. Only thing he said was that he was possessed by Christalina.

Haunted Beaches in Goa

7) Dona Paula – The hub of Water sports

dona paula beach haunted

Dona Paula is one of the most famous watersports hub in Goa and also most visited by tourist. Throughout the day you can enjoy many watersports activities and have fun with friends and family when you visit this beautiful beach. It is said that this places is haunted, we don’t know if it is true or not but people are afraid from visiting here at night.

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