Safety & Laws in Dubai : Things You Should Know & Keep In Mind


Safety & Laws in Dubai : Well, As you know that Dubai is the most loved destination by tourist in the Middle Easy and it the most popular amongst people who love to relax and chill on a holiday. Well, you will not find any street crime which includes Bag snatching and pickpocketing, You will not find it in Dubai as the security and police in Dubai is pretty strict and alert plus you find cameras all over the city. So someone who is trying to do something weird lands up in jail so it is pretty safe to use public transport in Dubai even at late night.

The biggest risk in Dubai to your own safety is you yourself as a lot of tourist have fallen foul of the laws in Dubai which they don’t know and commit it accidantly. Dubai has lot of different laws which charge hefty fines of might land you in jail if you break them.

Top Safety & Laws in Dubai You Need To Know

laws in dubai

As you know that the UAE is a Muslim state which is governed by the Sharia Law, It is worth spending some time and knowing the laws before planning a visit to this beautiful place.

1) Getting drunk and misbehaving in public

If you want to end your Dubai trip in a short span then go out drunk and misbehaving in public. In Dubai it is legal to consume alcohol for non-Muslims until and unless you are drinking in a licensed venue. (Place where it is legal to drink : Hotels or residence of non-Muslim who already has liquor). In Dubai you will find police patrol in un-uniformed plain clothes around the city and if you are found misbehaving then you will get a quick tour of jail.

Note : The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21 Years. So if you are under age then don’t even try to think about getting drunk.

2) Drugs

Drugs has Zero tolerance in Dubai and if you are caught doing Drugs then it’s game over as the offence of consuming or selling drugs in Dubai is a lifetime imprisonment or death penalty. Even some medicines legal in your country might me illegal here, So kindly check before carrying any medicines to Dubai.

3) Drunk Driving

Ensure you are sober while driving in Dubai as the legal alcohol consumption limit for drivers in Dubai is zero. You will land up in Jail if you are caught and might get your licence cancelled.

4) Dressing Appropriately

It is very important to dress properly in Dubai as the clothes of local Emirati is very polished. Their attire includes All-white for men and black for female which should cover from head to toe. While going shopping to mall you need to be careful on what you are wearing as transparent and body revealing clothes are not allowed. Tourist women can wear bikini only on the beach but being topless in a strict no no.

5) Social Media, Slander and Photography

Clicking photos of people without their concern and uploading on Social Media is not allowed at all. You will be in big trouble if anyone finds you clicking someone’s photo without their permission.

We hope you now know safety Laws in Dubai. Kindly share this with your friends and family who are visiting the beautiful place in the UAE

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