Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam


Every person’s dream is to take a vacation in Amsterdam at least once in their lifetime. Amsterdam is said to be one of the really popular tourist destinations in the world. An amazing fact that you should know about this place is that it requires no marketing budget as visitors automatically love to come here.

Let’s take you through 10 things that you must do when you visit this beautiful place.

things to do in Amsterdam

  1. Waterborne Tour

The canals of Amsterdam are breathtaking, and one should definitely go for a waterborne tour here. Not only is it totally picturesque, but also goes way back into history when these canals were actually used for transportation.

This is something that nobody should miss out on at all. This tour makes for an amazing first impression of the city and it lets you take in the monumental architecture which is built all around these canals. You can even take an open boat tour which is as exciting as this.

  1. Explore the Dutch Art form

Netherlands has pioneered the fine arts there, and has thus come up with its own little museum, known as the Rembrandt House Museum. The interiors are truly gorgeous and it houses some invaluable masterpieces showcasing great Dutch history.

The Van Gogh Museum is another famous museum of Amsterdam, which everyone may have heard of. For people who just love modern art, this museum is a must visit for them. The painter is said to have a countless admirers because of the portrayal of his beautiful work.

  1. Go shopping!

If you’re a person who just loves shopping, then Amsterdam is the perfect place for you. For retail therapy, this has a variety of places. And it sells more or less everything starting from small things like flowers, antiques to food, branded goods as well as boutique shops.

With such variety of things, shoppers go crazy, and since it’s pretty affordable too, Amsterdam becomes a shopping spree for all those who love shopping.

  1. The Anne Frank House

Anne Frank is one of the popular people in literature. Tourists are now allowed to visit her house and they can explore the places where she actually hid with her parents. You could actually experience her life and the cramped existence of the people of that time.

This has been voted as the best historical museum in Netherlands and it houses such powerful exhibits that visitors are actually moved by just looking at them.

  1. Check out the flowers here

If you’ve been to Amsterdam, you would be able to see Tulips blossoming all around. This is said to be the pride of this place, and they make Amsterdam look mesmerizing. You can go check out the bulb flower park in Amsterdam as its just half an hour from the airport. People who are actually flower lovers come here to admire the variety of flowers.

All year around, there are beautiful flowers which grow here and the Amsterdam Tulip Museum is an ode to the favourite flower. You would also be able to take these wonderful flowers home.

  1. Explore De Wallen

Another great place to explore in Amsterdam is the De Wallen, which is Amsterdam’s red light district and it not only attracts sex tourism, but people also come here to take a look at the medieval architecture and the historic townhouses here. Take a stroll here and see the amazing churches, and the diverse restaurants that you would find here.

Of course there is adult entertainment, and the live shows here are popular amongst singles as well as couples. Apart from this, there are even brothels and escort services that cater to more discreet clients.

  1. Go on a bicycle tour

In this city, you would see just about everyone cycling here. And people here don’t cycle just for fun, but mostly they use these to even go to their offices or anywhere. You need to go and explore and see how the locals travel daily, and be part of their ritual

You would be able to rent it from anywhere in town as they are available everywhere. It’s a fun filled activity, and you should definitely do this when in Amsterdam.

  1. Gorge on the Dutch Cuisine here

Here, you would be able to find the traditional Dutch cuisine which would be a welcoming dish for you in the cold weather. You can surely try out the mashed potatoes with ham and bacon, as well as the split pea soup which is a delicacy there.

Pancakes are a delicacy here and are actually treated like pizza, loaded with extras like ham and bacon. Trust us, the dishes here are to die for, and the portions are huge too.

  1. Travel to nearby cities from Amsterdam

Travel to good places such as Randstad, Haarlem and Leiden which are just 1-2 hours drive from this main city. It is perfect for a days trip where you can just pack a lunch and travel with a group of friends.

Go visit the historic center of Delft and if you’re a lover of ceramics then this one is for you. For first time visitors, you can also visit Zaanse Schans, which is a town filled with Dutch architecture and amazing crafts all over!

  • Visit the coffee shops in this city

Last but not the least, visit the cannabis coffee shops here which are really good. For cannabis smokers, coffee shops work very well, and you can just sit there and relax with some good space cakes which are legal here.

The whole ambience and culture is amazing and youth oriented that you would love to sit here for the whole day. It’s a great attraction and is a must visit.

So, here is a list of things that you need to do in Amsterdam, so go out there to this crazy city and have the time of your life here!

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