Things To Do In Bristol When You Travel To This Beautiful City


Are you searching for things to do in Bristol when you travel to this beautiful city? Well, Bristol is a medium-sized city on the edge of the Clifton Downs. This gives it the relaxed and friendly vibe that visitors always comment on. It’s hard to believe that Bristol was the beating heart of the industrial revolution, but some of legendary industrial engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s finest work was carried out in Bristol.

Things To Do In Bristol When You Travel To This Beautiful City

Things To Do In Bristol

The most obvious attraction is the Clifton Suspension Bridge. When it was completed it had the longest span of any bridge in the world. It was a daring scheme when it was devised and has attracted daredevils ever since. In 1979 the first modern bungee jump took place here, held by the members of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports club. In 1911 a law had to be passed banning aviators from flying under the bridge – which didn’t stop an RAF pilot from crashing his Vampire Jet into Leigh Woods after a high-speed pass under the bridge in 1957.

Brunel also designed one of the other great landmarks, and sources of Bristol’s prosperity, the SS Great Britain. The first iron-hulled ship in the world, she used to plough the transatlantic routes in the 1840s. When this market started to die down she was switched to the Australia run, taking gold prospectors (and the first England cricket team to tour Australia) half way around the world and back.

Getting to Bristol from London is also easy, thanks to Brunel. The stretch of line that runs straight from Paddington to Bristol is nicknamed “Brunel’s Billiard Table” because of how flat he managed to make it. Over 100 men were killed, blasting out the two-mile long Box-Hill tunnel alone, but the lasting legacy is a railway line that was the most innovative of its time and is still in use today.

Bristol has lots to offer when you arrive. There is a vast wealth of shopping, with the newly refurbished pedestrianised city centre and the Cabot Circus, Bristol’s main city centre shopping mall, which houses all the biggest (and some of the smaller) high street stores such as House of Fraser, H&M and Zara.

Saint Nick’s market is a great shopping area known for the Exchange Hall full of interesting and unusual shops and stalls selling all manner of goods from fresh fruit and vegetables to arts, crafts and clothes as well as many other goods, and is a great reminder of Bristol’s heritage with its clock showing both GMT and Bristol Time – which Bristol kept to until the coming of the railway. In the same, there is also the fully restored Glass Arcade and covered hall, which are both full of small stands offer a wide range of products.

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The west end and Clifton Village both have plenty of boutiques and smaller outlets: the west end is younger and trendier, Clifton Village is for the more moneyed and middle-aged shopper. A day out is very rewarding but to make the most of what the city has to offer it’s best to rent a flat in Bristol’s centre or in the surroundings area. An extended weekend or a longer stay, will give you time to explore the city at your own pace and will ensure that you do not miss out on anything.

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