This House Has A Bedroom In India & Kitchen in Myanmar


Unlike other Indians People of Lungwa village have accepted dual allegiance and are staying peacefully on the borders. Yes, King of a village called Lungwa in the northwestern part of Nagaland dines in India and sleeps in Myanmar. Yes you heard it right.

Official, their is a rule that the border between India and Myanmar can be crossed only at come particular point of time for all the 5,000 people of village, The Saigan division in Myanmar s a part of their world like the local people of Myanmar.

This House Has A Bedroom In India & Kitchen in Myanmar

Till 1963, Konyak-inhabited area had no specific authority ruling Nagaland. Once the Indian and Myanmar authorities decided on the border that Konyan tribesmen understood that they are part of India and not Myanmar.

The Joint secretary of the Konyak Union, Mr Minphong Konyak, said, “We don’t recognise boundaries here and it would be good, if there are no border pillars.”

And the most happiest news is that the Konyaks feel thay they belong to both the countries, They are equally friendly with Assam rifles border guards and Myanmar army men.  The village chief told media that his two sons are serving in the Myanmar army.

Well, you don’t see such love and affection between any country these days.

Checkout the full video below.

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